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Tax Resource Center

General Tax FAQs

What do I do if I have an error on my tax form?

Contact Customer Support at 800-847-4836 and say "mutual funds" for faster service if you believe you have an error on your tax form such as:

  • Your social security number is incorrect.
  • You moved and need to update an address.
  • The amount reported on the Form 1099 is incorrect.


Can I invest my tax refund into my Thrivent Mutual Funds account?

Yes. The IRS allows taxpayers to elect to have their federal income tax refunds directly deposited into an account with a bank or other financial institution, including your Thrivent Mutual Funds account.  To encourage saving for retirement, the IRS permits taxpayers to split the refund into multiple (up to three) accounts, including IRAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESAs).

Taxpayers electing to directly deposit their federal income tax refund will use IRS Form 1040 (if directing to only one account) or IRS Form 8888 (if splitting refund between two or three different accounts). When directing the federal income tax refund to a Thrivent Mutual Fund account, you should use the following information when completing the election.

  • Routing Number: 011000028
  • Account Number: TF5-0XX-XXXXX or TF5-XXX-XXXXX
  • Account Type: C or Checking

For mutual funds, replace the first 0XX or XXX with your fund account number as it appears on your Mutual Fund Year-End statement. For example, if your fund and account number on your statement is 17-1234567890, then you would indicate TF5-017-1234567890 (if your fund is a three-digit number such as 350-1234567890, then use TF5-350-1234567890) either on IRS Form 1040 or IRS Form 8888.

For direct deposits into an IRA, the contribution will be treated as a current year contribution. If the contribution was received by Thrivent Mutual Funds prior to your tax filing deadline (without regard to extensions), and you want it to be treated as a prior year contribution, you must contact Thrivent Mutual Funds after you receive your transaction confirmation.

The instructions for IRS Form 8888 detail what the IRS will do if the refund is increased or decreased due to a math error or refund offset. If the deposit into one or more of your accounts is changed and the account is subject to contribution limits (such as IRA), you may need to correct your contribution or file an amended return.


At Thrivent Mutual Funds, we recommend you consult your tax advisor to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investments. Thrivent Mutual Funds and their representatives cannot provide legal or tax advice.