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One of the primary reasons investors seek general investment accounts is the flexibility they can provide. Unlike a retirement account or annuity, you can withdraw funds penalty-free in the near-term if you need or want to, although you will pay taxes on dividends and capital gains. Thrivent Mutual Funds offers taxable accounts with the flexibility of either single or joint ownership.

Single and Joint Accounts Are a Great Choice for People Who:

  • Want to invest without the restraints of tax-deferred accounts
  • Have already taken advantage of tax-deferred retirement account options
  • Want to invest for a short, medium or long-term goal

General Investment Account Highlights


  • Automatic, recurring investments and withdrawals
  • ACH capabilities tied to checking and savings accounts
  • Online account management; take care of all types of accounts in one place

Thrivent Minimum Investment

  • $2,000 per Thrivent mutual fund without recurring contributions except for Thrivent Money Market Fund which is $1,000, or
  • $50 monthly recurring contribution for all Thrivent mutual funds except for the Thrivent Money Market Fund or Thrivent Limited Maturity Bond Fund which are $100 per month (also applies to subsequent investments)


  • Can be made at any time


  • Semiannual low balance fee of $10 may apply for those accounts not maintaining minimum balance requirements. See the Prospectus for more information.
  • Additional account fees may apply for certain services and are redeemed directly from your account. Examples include overnight delivery or wire fees. 

Account Owners

  • Single, one account owner
  • Joint, with Rights of Survivorship or Community Property; up to four account owners online. Additional joint account types or accounts with more than four owners can be established with a paper application.


  • Dividends and capital gains distributions are taxed in the year paid.  
  • Thrivent Mutual Funds tracks cost basis based on the method you choose.

The Thrivent Approach

Thrivent Mutual Funds offers general investment accounts that are easy to set up and manage anytime, anywhere. You can build your own portfolio with our sophisticated yet simple fund offerings. 

Ready to start?