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Thrivent Mutual Funds FAQs

What are the share classes of Thrivent Mutual Funds?

Class S
These are no-load funds, meaning there are no front-end or back-end sales charges to purchase or sell shares.

Class A
These are front-end load funds, and they are not available for purchase on Current shareholders who have purchased Class A shares need to work with a Thrivent Financial Representative or service their mutual fund accounts on

How can I purchase funds offered by Thrivent Mutual Funds?

Whether you are financially savvy and feel comfortable going alone or want help with your investment decisions, Thrivent Mutual Funds has options to service your needs. is a self-service website that offers no-load shares for direct purchase. 

Thrivent Financial Representatives are available for those wanting more assistance. Additional fees may apply when working with a Financial Representative. Find one today.

Where do I find my mutual fund account information?

If you already have an account established via, simply log in on this site to be taken to your portfolio. If a Thrivent Financial Representative helped you establish your mutual fund account, you may view your account values, activity, statements, and tax forms on

Do the changes I make to My Profile on get updated to my account on

Personal account information, such as name, birthdate, email, or address corrections and updates made on will be shared with Thrivent Financial to keep your client record accurate. 

Where do I find information about Thrivent insurance or annuity products?

You can find more information about the products Thrivent Financial offers by going to

If you already own Thrivent Financial contracts, you may view your contract values, activity and statements when on

Where do I find information on the fund's past performance?

You can find more information about all of the funds past performance on the Average Annual Total Returns page.



Insurance products issued or offered by Thrivent Financial, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Appleton, WI. Not all products are available in all states. Thrivent Financial representatives are registered representatives of, and offer securities through, Thrivent Investment Management Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thrivent Financial. They are also licensed insurance agents/producers of Thrivent.