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Rollovers: Moving Your 401k and Retirement Assets

When getting a new job or retiring you may want to move your accumulated retirement assets, including your 401ks, to a consolidated account. Consider moving your assets to an IRA with Thrivent Mutual Funds. There are several ways available depending on where the assets currently are held and how the request is completed. Beyond rollovers, you should understand your options, weigh the pros and cons and make a choice that is right for your goals and circumstances.

Potentially have more control over assets with continued tax deferral

Increased flexibility on early withdrawals*

Diversify your assets with a variety of Thrivent mutual funds



*IRAs provide increased flexibility on early withdrawals due to additional IRS exceptions to the 10% early withdrawal penalty for IRA distributions. Examples include first time home purchase and qualified higher education expenses. See IRS Publication 590B for more details.  However, by rolling over to an IRA, you lose the option for penalty-free distribution from 401(k) plans after the age of 55.

1Source: 2018 Investment Company Fact Book