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2017 Tax Calendar

The need-to-know dates for this tax season.

Form Mail Date - January 31st

Form mailing date

Your 5498 and/or 1099 will generally be mailed by January 31st. You can also access it online through your account. 


For Thrivent Mutual Funds that invest in REITs (real estate investment trusts), forms will be mailed and available online mid-February:

  • Thrivent Diversified Income Plus Fund
  • Thrivent Growth and Income Plus Fund
  • Thrivent Multidimensional Income Fund

IRS form 5498 ESA's reporting contributions for the previous year will be mailed to you April 30th.

If you made traditional or Roth IRA contributions for 2017 in 2018, you will be mailed IRS Form 5498 by May 31st.

Make your final contributions

Make your final contributions for 2017 by April 17, 2018

Any contribution made to your Roth or Traditional IRA or Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA) before April 17, 2018 will fall under your 2017 tax filing, so long as you indicate it as a 2017 contribution.

Maximum contribution for Traditional and Roth IRAs: $5,500 (plus a $1,000 "catch up" contribution if you are over 50 years old)

Mail in your tax forms

Taxes are due

On April 17th, taxes are due. 

October 15th is the final due date for your 2017 Tax Return, if you filed for an extension.

File for an extension on your taxes

File for an extension

If you don't think you'll make the April 17th due date for filing your taxes, then file for an extension before the 17th. An extension does not, however, allow you to defer payment of your taxes and does not extend the time you have to make IRA or CESA contributions. The final date to file your 2017 extensions is October 15th. For more information visit the IRS

At Thrivent Mutual Funds, we recommend you consult your tax advisor to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investments. Thrivent Mutual Funds and their representatives cannot provide legal or tax advice.