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Start your investment journey with 3 steps.

We want to make it easy to start your future.

There are many hard things in life but investing in your future shouldn’t be one of them.

How do I choose an account?

Your account will hold your mutual funds. But before you can add funds to your account, you’ll need to open an account, and you’ll need to choose an account type. To support different goals and life situations, we offer different types of accounts. To choose the account that’s right for you, consider your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. You can also create multiple accounts if you need.


We offer these types of accounts

How do I select funds?

Once you have an account, you can start investing by purchasing mutual funds. We offer a variety of funds to help you invest in ways that suit your investment style and tolerance for risk. 

First, learn your investing style. We've prepared a few questions to help you assess your risk tolerance and investing style.

How do I start investing?

You can open an account and purchase mutual funds right on our site. In fact, you can start investing with as little as $50* and grow your account over time. It’s a smart way to step forward.


Opening an online account takes just a few minutes. You’ll need:


Social security number

Bank account info

Beneficiary info (if applicable)


Looking for another option? We offer several ways to purchase Thrivent Mutual Funds.

What if I need more help?

Please call or email us.

1-800-847-4836, or

Visit our support page

* New accounts with a minimum investment amount of $50 are offered through the Thrivent Mutual Funds “automatic purchase plan.” Otherwise, the minimum initial investment requirement is $2,000 for non-retirement accounts and $1,000 for IRA or tax-deferred accounts, minimum subsequent investment requirement is $50 for all account types.  $50 a month automatic investment does not apply to the Thrivent Money Market Fund or Thrivent Limited Maturity Bond Fund, which have a minimum monthly investment of $100.