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At Thrivent Mutual Funds, we celebrate people like Gabby who we’re proud to call a Mover and Saver. Those who find a way to bring their aspirations to life. Defying any sort of pre-determined path and carving their own niche on their own terms. And we do everything we can to help people like her live her way, any way we can.

It all started with a PR company right after college. I was doing publicity for nightclubs in Manhattan – but I knew I was destined for a different path. I began studying the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. I transitioned out of publicity and promotions and into the field of spirituality and personal growth, bringing my PR skills with me into this new endeavor. It was a leap of faith – but it wasn’t a blind leap. I had some help along the way.

Stay Humble. Save Money.

Early on, I had a mentor named Joe Watson. Joe’s guidance saved me when I was in a career transition. I was anxious to move on, and I told him I wished I could just write books and give talks all the time. He said, “You’re making money and putting it into a savings account, right? Then you have a venture capitalist for your future business. Stay humble, save money and you’ll know when it’s time to head out on your own.”

I listened to Joe and began saving $50 a month because that was all I could afford. Even though it was a modest amount, it felt awesome to put money away and see it grow – it made me optimistic for the future. I believed in the work I was doing and trusted that opportunities were on the way. The power of positive thinking changed my life.

Another piece of wisdom that shaped my mindset came from the great teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer. He said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” In my business, positivity helps me work well with others and stay creative. It’s no different when it comes to investing in my future. I use the same mindset whether I’m saving for a rainy day, reinvesting in my business or supporting my family. That’s why I take a conservative approach to investing in my future. This won’t make me an overnight sensation, but hopefully it won’t overexpose me to dramatic swings in the market. I take a long-term approach, staying focused and patient.

Have Faith

Many people struggle to get out of debt, earn more and feel secure financially. These are common issues I hear from my readers and audience members. When we struggle with financial issues, we lack faith. I can relate to this issue–when I was growing up, the emphasis was always on money being tight. But I experienced a major shift with money when I was 21. Below I’ve outlined the steps I took to change my money mindset.

Have Faith

"The act of investing puts you into a new energy state, and that energy sends out a message that you’re ready to invest more."

Investing Focus

Change Your Money Mindset

Step 1: Change the story

When you’re in a story of lack you are attracting more lack. Repeating this story in different forms – I’m so broke, I’ll never get a raise, the job market is bad, I can’t ever seem to save – lowers your energy. We are always sending requests to the Universe, and the Universe always says “yes”. Your energy attracts its likeness, so start by changing your story. This is a powerful step you can take right now.

Notice the ways in which you feel abundant, even if they are small. The next time you buy yourself a cup of coffee, be consciously grateful for the cash that allowed you to do so. Do the same thing when you pay your rent or even put on a warm sweater on a cold day. Recognize the abundance that is around you and dwell in the good feeling it gives you. When you shift your energy from lack to abundance, you will begin attracting more abundance into your life.

Step 2: Practice positive expectation

Living with positive expectations clears the path for solutions in all situations, including difficult ones. You’re being guided to the highest good for all, even if it doesn’t play out exactly as you’d like or on the timeline you want. Each day, surrender your goals to the Universe. A simple prayer will help you turn over your desires so you can let go of your need to control. You might say, “Thank you, Universe, for my abundance. Today I turn over my goals to you and I expect miracles!” When you shift your mindset and cultivate positive energy, you’ll experience more abundance than you thought possible.

Step 3: Start investing

Start to save, even if you’re in debt. The energy around investing is an energy of abundance and wealth. Even if you invest just $50 to begin with and contribute whatever you can afford monthly, you’re beginning the process. The act of investing puts you into a new energy state, and that energy sends out a message that you’re ready to invest more.

Step 4: Focus on your investing

Spend time each day focusing on what you’re saving for and what it will allow you to do. You might even want to start a journal and put those thoughts down on the page. How will your savings account make you feel? What choices will they open up for you? Focusing your energy on this feeling of abundance and security will strengthen your power to manifest more of it in your life.

Gabby Bernstein Speaking

This author is not a client of Thrivent Mutual Funds. The views expressed are solely those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of Thrivent Distributors, LLC, the principal underwriter and distributor for Thrivent Mutual Funds. This information should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or product. This article is not intended to represent a specific client experience with Thrivent Mutual Funds and may not be representative of those of other investors and does not indicate future performance or success. Investment decisions should always be made based on an investor's specific financial needs, objectives, goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

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