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They live on their terms. They travel. Work cool jobs. And invest their way.
They won’t be bogged down by investing. They want to get on living.
And we not only celebrate them, we want to make it simple for them and everyone like them.

Meet Gabby Bernstein

Meet Gabby Bernstein,

Author. Speaker. Instructor. Mover. Saver.

There’s one thing Gabby is positive about: positive thinking leads to amazing results. Having started in PR, Gabby quickly found her calling as a spiritual advisor. And began speaking and inspiring in every possible way—from the stage as a public speaker to the meditation room as an instructor. Proving that when you invest in yourself, spiritually and financially, all things point upward.

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    When did your journey towards positivity and spirituality begin?

    I transitioned out of publicity and promotions and into the field of spirituality and personal growth, bringing my PR skills with me into this new endeavor.

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    Positivity and Spirituality
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    What was the first money you ever saved?

    I began saving $50 a month because that was all I could afford. It felt awesome to put money away and see it grow–it made me optimistic for the future.

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    First Money Saved
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    What's the best piece of advice you've received about investing?

    If you're making money and putting it into a savings account, then you have a venture capitalist for your future business.

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    Investing Advice

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