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Thrivent Account

You can purchase mutual funds right on our site with an online account.

Buy with a Thrivent account

  • Set up an account starting with as little as $50 per month.1
  • Access your online account at your convenience.
  • Purchase funds without transaction fees or sales charges.


Financial Professional

For guidance when investing, ask a financial professional about buying Thrivent mutual funds & ETFs.

Buy with a financial professional

  • Receive investment help from an experienced professional.
  • Build a relationship through in-person meetings.
  • Get help planning for life’s goals such as saving and retirement.
  • Additional fees may apply.


Brokerage Account

If you already have a brokerage account, our mutual funds & ETFs can be purchased through online brokerage platforms by searching for Thrivent Mutual Funds and ETFs.

Buy with a brokerage account

  • Add Thrivent Mutual Funds and ETFs to your investments within your existing portfolio.
  • Take advantage of your account to keep your investments in one place.
  • Additional fees may apply.
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  • Take our quiz to determine your personal investment style.
  • Talk to your financial advisor about ETFs.
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Need more help?

If you need assistance, we’re here to help. Reach out to us via the phone, email, and support page information below.


This ETF is different from traditional ETFs. Traditional ETFs tell the public what assets they hold each day. This ETF will not. This may create additional risks for your investment. For example:

 - You may have to pay more money to trade the ETF’s shares. This ETF will provide less information to traders, who tend to charge more for trades when they have less information.

 - The price you pay to buy ETF shares on an exchange may not match the value of the ETF’s portfolio. The same is true when you sell shares. These price differences may be greater for this ETF compared to other ETFs because it provides less information to traders.

 - These additional risks may be even greater in bad or uncertain market conditions.

 - The ETF will publish on its website each day a “Proxy Portfolio” designed to help trading in shares of the ETF. While the Proxy Portfolio includes some of the ETF’s holdings, it is not the ETF’s actual portfolio.

The differences between this ETF and other ETFs may also have advantages. By keeping certain information about the ETF secret, this ETF may face less risk that other traders can predict or copy its investment strategy. This may improve the ETF’s performance. If other traders are able to copy or predict the ETF’s investment strategy, however, this may hurt the ETF’s performance. For additional information regarding the unique attributes and risks of the ETF, see the Principal Risks section of the prospectus.

1 New accounts with a minimum investment amount of $50 are offered through the Thrivent Mutual Funds "automatic purchase plan." Otherwise, the minimum initial investment requirement is $2,000 for non-retirement accounts and $1,000 for IRA or tax-deferred accounts, minimum subsequent investment requirement is $50 for all account types. Account minimums for other options vary.

Thrivent ETFs may be purchased through your financial professional or brokerage platforms.

Contact your financial professional or brokerage firm to understand minimum investment amounts when purchasing a Thrivent ETF.

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Thrivent recognized for best-in-class service for 4th straight year



Thrivent strives to deliver best-in-class service to our clients, which is why we’re proud to announce our recent recognition as a winner for the fourth consecutive year of the DALBAR Mutual Fund Service Award.

Thrivent was one of seven firms that received the award for delivering quality telephone service to mutual fund shareholders in 2023. “The excellent service that our Mutual Fund Operations team provides to our clients is important to the success of our fund complex,” said Mike Kremenak, president of Thrivent Mutual Funds.

Thrivent ranked third out of 21 mutual fund firms.

Dialing up shareholder service

“Exceptional customer service is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to building lasting relationships," said Shelley-Ann Eramo, Director at DALBAR, Inc. “At the heart of these firms’ success lies a relentless dedication to understanding and exceeding customer expectations—because they recognize that great service is not just a transaction; it’s the cornerstone of enduring partnerships and sustainable growth.”

The winners of the DALBAR Service Awards are determined  through an impartial and meticulous audit utilizing DALBAR’s cutting-edge measurement techniques and technology. This comprehensive evaluation of contact centers pinpointed those demonstrating unparalleled excellence.

DALBAR is an independent third-party expert, providing audits, evaluations, ratings and due diligence. DALBAR certifications are the mark of excellence in the financial services community.

Providing quality care for callers

2023 was Thrivent’s fourth year participating in the evaluation. “The achievement of the DALBAR certification for outstanding service is no small feat and I’m so proud of our team who continue to deliver high-quality service on every call,” said Erin Krawiecki, vice president, Contact Center.

“One of the few constants I continue to witness from our contact center was the team’s ability to rally together to provide a consistent, high-quality service to our callers,” said Andy Kellogg, vice president, Operations Development and Relations. 

For more information about DALBAR Awards and other Customer Experience Audit programs, visit

DALBAR, Inc. has a 46-year history and is recognized by the industry and government as an independent third-party expert in the business of providing audits, evaluations, ratings, and due diligence. DALBAR certifications are recognized as a mark of excellence in the financial services community.

Three-dimensional gold coin logo for the 2023 DALBAR Mutual Fund Service Award

The Thrivent Mutual Funds call center is part of Thrivent Financial Investor Services, Inc., the transfer agent for Thrivent Mutual Funds. Thrivent Financial Investor Services is a subsidiary of Thrivent.