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How we’re helping you make sense of coronavirus market swings.


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Discover a variety of no-load mutual funds to help you build a diversified portfolio and invest with confidence.

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Knowing how comfortable you are with financial risk may guide you to funds that may fit well with your investment style.


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With as little as $50 a month, you can open an account with us and start investing in your future.


David Royal,
Chief Investment Officer

Our funds are actively managed by real people, for real people.


Your life isn’t determined by an algorithm set to mimic a general index, and our funds aren’t managed that way. Our fund managers track numbers, trends and investment objectives to determine what actions to take next – because simply having data isn’t the same as using it wisely.


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Hard work and ethics

Brought to you by Thrivent, who has been named one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere Institute for 9 years strong.

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Several of our funds have received a 4- or 5-star Overall Morningstar RatingTM for risk-adjusted performance.

Flexibility and choice

We offer the opportunity to create an investment strategy that fits your unique investing style based on your goals and your comfort level.