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Four all-in-one, diversified funds.
One less thing on your to-do list.

Thrivent Asset Allocation Funds


We make investing easy. Just choose an asset allocation fund based on your investing style, then let our investment professionals do the heavy lifting. Their goal is to actively manage portfolios to stay consistent with fund objectives and diversification, so you don't have to.

Our short Asset Allocation Funds 101 video explains more about our "all-in-one" asset allocation fund. They're designed with "built in" help for diversification to attempt to reduce volatility.



What is your investing style?

Answer some simple questions to help learn what kind of investor you are.
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An important thing to me when investing is:
Last year, you invested $10,000. Given the potential gain or loss in any 1 year, which of the outcomes are you most comfortable with?

*The maximum gain or loss on an investment is impossible to predict. The ranges shown in the chart are hypothetical and are designed solely to gauge an investor's risk tolerance.

If the market crashes like it did in 2008 and your account balance drops by 30% in three months, would you...
Investments with high potential returns are usually more risky. Are you okay with your investment dropping in value during market volatility?
I won't need my money for years.
0 25+
Then, I plan to withdraw it over the course of years.
Then, I plan to take all of my investment as a lump-sum.
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Drag the slider left or right to adjust the number of years.

Do you anticipate withdrawing 20% or more of your money at one time?
I'll probably withdraw 20% or more of my money in years.
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Drag the slider left or right to adjust the number of years.

If you lost your household’s income, how long could you pay your bills with your non-retirement savings?

Conservative Investor

Conservative investors want as little to do with risk as possible. Lower returns are ok because their first priority is to not lose money. Money may be needed soon, so investing conservatively may be a wise option. While our Asset Allocation funds may not match your risk tolerance, please view our other mutual funds to find one that may better align with a conservative risk tolerance. View All Mutual Funds

Moderately Conservative Investor

Moderately conservative investors want to invest, but without taking large risks. Their priority is to not lose their investment, so lower returns are ok. Money may be needed soon, so investing somewhat conservatively may be a good option. They’re more moderate than a conservative investor.

Moderate Investor

Moderates take a balanced approach to investing. Short-term ups and downs are alright if it nets a higher return, but they are uncomfortable if the volatility lasts too long. Money will be needed, but not any time soon.

Moderately Aggressive Investor

Moderately aggressive investors want to be rewarded for taking risks. While not the most aggressive investor, they do tend to think that if they just hang in there, investments will pay off. Money may not be needed for a while, so they can ride out ups and downs.

Aggressive Investor

When investing, the goal for aggressive investors is to maximize returns. Underperforming investments aren’t scary because they’re optimistic the markets will rebound over the long-term. After all, taking bigger risks is part of the process. Time is on their side and money may not be needed for quite a while.


This quiz can help you assess your investment risk tolerance which is one of many things to consider when investing. Risk tolerance can change over time. You should also consider things such as your overall portfolio, financial situation, investing experience, time horizon, and investment objectives. View All Investing Types


Our Asset Allocation Funds

Get started with as little as $50* if you establish an automated investment plan.


  • Asset Allocation

    Thrivent Aggressive Allocation Fund

    Pursues long-term growth by investing predominantly in stocks

    Risk Potential


    Target Allocation

    Equities 95%
    Fixed Income 5%
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  • Asset Allocation

    Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Allocation Fund

    Pursues long-term growth by investing mostly in stocks, but with a portion in bonds

    Risk Potential

    Moderately Aggressive

    Target Allocation

    Equities 77%
    Fixed Income 23%
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  • Asset Allocation

    Thrivent Moderate Allocation Fund

    Pursues long-term growth by investing in a balanced mix of stocks and bonds

    Risk Potential


    Target Allocation

    Equities 57%
    Fixed Income 43%
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  • Asset Allocation

    Thrivent Moderately Conservative Allocation Fund

    Pursues long-term growth by investing mostly in bonds, but with a portion in stocks

    Risk Potential

    Moderately Conservative

    Target Allocation

    Equities 37%
    Fixed Income 63%
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Actively Managed By Real People. With Real Experience.

All Thrivent mutual funds are actively managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals. Sophisticated market analysis, backed by real-world experience.

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*$50 a month automatic investment does not apply to the Thrivent Money Market Fund or Thrivent Limited Maturity Bond Fund, which have a minimum monthly investment of $100.