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We support movers and savers

They live on their terms. They travel. Work cool jobs. And invest their way.
They won’t be bogged down by investing. They want to get on living.
And we not only celebrate them, we want to make it simple for them and everyone like them.

Movers and Savers Bios

Meet The Bucket List Family

Travelers. Movers and Savers.

They tried the 9 to 5. And quickly found out they had next to zero interest in that. So they sold almost every one of their worldly possessions and headed for the far corners of the earth. Traveling 26 months straight, in 45 countries, with two kids in tow. They are the things most only dream of. But they are a shining example of what’s possible with the right planning, saving, and investing.

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    What does travel mean to you?

    Two years ago, for me, travel was a vacation—an escape from life. Now, we see travel as experiencing life. It’s an opportunity to see how beautiful the earth is and the creatures that are a part of it.

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    Travelers Trips
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    Are you savvy investors?

    We’ve never been risk takers financially and always make sure that our “safety net” is solid, secure and growing. We know our risk tolerance and we try to make investments that we are comfortable with.

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    Movers Kids
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    Advice on how to save for travel?

    I do believe that everyone can budget for travel. If you really evaluate the way you spend money between your wants and your needs, then take out a couple of your wants, you can save up for travel.

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    Savers Family

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