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They live on their terms. They travel. Work cool jobs. And invest their way.
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Movers and Savers Bios
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    What’s FlavCity and why did you start?

    I started FlavCity, my now popular YouTube channel, to celebrate home cooks. I never went to culinary school, but that doesn’t stop me from proving that home cooks like myself can be rock stars in the kitchen. So, I quit my job in finance to focus solely on my passion for cooking.

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    Meal Prepping
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    Where do you find your inspiration?

    I get inspired by walking through the grocery store, trying new restaurants, traveling to new cities, and reading food magazines. I am open to new experiences and that has always been a big source of inspiration for me.

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    Bobby Parrish
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    How can meal prepping benefit me?

    Very few people have the time to cook every day, but meal prep only requires one hour of your time, and you get 5-7 healthy meals for the week. Cooking your own meals and eating clean food is a great way to watch your diet and help you reach your lifestyle goals.

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    Bobby Parrish Cooking

Meet Bobby Parrish of FlavCity,

Meal Prepper. Mover and Saver.

A passion for food. A leap of faith. That’s what led Bobby Parrish to leave a career in finance to start FlavCity, a highly popular YouTube cooking show. Once a hobby, it quickly evolved into a booming business, an unlikely result of transforming his condo into a culinary studio. Today, that decision allows him and his wife to lead lives they love, all while inspiring others to broaden their culinary horizons through daily meal planning, daily recipes, and food prep.

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